Organic forms that arise, interact and merge. Colors that change their viscosity and drying properties along physical and chemical processes. Exciting effects that manifest themselves on the canvas. – This is the diversity that feeds my creative work. I call it „The Art of Endless Forms“. 
"Diving into another world – during the creative process and in the sight afterwards - is what drives me to realize new works again and again."
It all began when I first experimented with oil paints at a very early age and discovered a love for abstract forms of expression. When it came to choosing a career, I was keen to have a creative everyday life here, so I initially chose to train as a media designer. To deepen the whole thing, I later studied communication design as well. In the process, I discovered my passion for conceptual design and typography.
The commissioned design work is about the message of the customer. But my inner world, the passion for colors and shapes needs its own space – so I can give my personal creative side more artistic freedom in painting and live out in the colors and shapes in my own way.
"Painting is like meditation for me - everything around me recedes into the background. There is only me and the colors in this moment."

In the process of creating, I first follow a vision, a certain line, then let myself drift and follow my intuition. The final result is thereby a creative symbiosis of planning and chaos, through which a unique harmony of colors is created. Today I work mainly with acrylic paints and various techniques, which I combine with a very fluid way of working.


»The Art of Endless Forms«
QUIRIN Privatbank
Solo show (Hamburg)

»Im Angesicht der Farbe«
Dr. Benz & Colleagues Group show (Bielefeld) – 2022

Art & Connect Group show (Hamburg) – 2022

»Get together«
Art & Connect Group show (Hamburg) – 2021

Barcelona Contemporary Art Fair
Valid World Hall Gallery Group show (Barcelona) – 2021

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