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    Limited Fine Art Print »Geometric Edition«

    There are only 50 copies of this high quality art print on handmade paper from Hahnemühle per specified size. Thus, you come into the possession of a limited collector's item.

    These geometrically constructed collages are composed of different colored artworks. The artworks on which this collage is based are made with acrylic paints on canvas.

    The original artworks consist of merging color gradients and organic shapes and a reduced color palette. Through the composition of the artworks in geometric forms, two opposing surface designs now affect each other: the mathematically correct division into uniform units in contrast to the organic almost arbitrary seeming and freely unfolding colors and shapes.

    These modern and abstract motifs give the room a unique and personal touch.

    Image size

    The size is suitable for standard frames, a picture frame is not included. The art prints are limited to 50 copies per specified size.

    The size of this limited fine art print is:
    50x70cm (motive size 40x60cm + 50mm white border)

    Quality and processing

    The images are printed with UltraChrome Pro pigment inks, on a high quality, matte and textured artist paper from Hahnemühle (310 grams).


    The images are rolled and packed in a special cardboard box.

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    Ich lasse mich von den vielfältigen Ebenen der Emotionen inspirieren, die in uns allen existieren. Meine Werke sind ein Versuch, diese komplexen Gefühle und Stimmungen in visuelle Ausdrucksformen zu übersetzen.